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Anti-SPAM Policy

We are a non-spam organization and are CAN-SPAM (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAN-SPAM_Act_of_2003) compliant. We have zero tolerance towards spamming and do not encourage spamming through our network/systems. We reserve the right to categorize the emails sent through our system as spam or non-spam based on different criteria. ‘Spam’ is a broad word that can be defined as narrated here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_spam

In case if our IPs/Domains get blacklisted due to the customer’s sending practices, it’s the responsibility of the customer to have the IP/Domain  removed from the blacklisted. If any blacklists are noticed, further sending may be throttled or disabled until the blacklist is removed. For this period, customer is entitled to pay the regular monthly rent to Mailfed. We do not assign same IPs and domains for more than one customer at the same time. So, it ‘s obvious that any blacklist happened is just because of the current user who holds it. In case if customer is not willing to remove the Ips/Domains from blacklists, he needs to pay Mailfed whatever amount is asked by the blacklist provider to take off the affected Ips/Domains. If the customer hits a non removable blacklist, we will suspend or terminate the account and will impose a fine of 200 USDs.

If more than 15 Abuse Complaints (SPAM or Phishing / Per 100K emails) gets reported to MailFed or Veaversvand Tech by the recipients in the period of 30 days against any sending account. In that case MailFed or Veaversvand Tech will be forced to Terminate or Permanently Disable the all sending accounts/services for that customer. For the same MailFed or Veaversvand Tech won’t be processing any refunds as per TERMS due to breaking this Anti-SPAM Policy and effecting company, datacenter, networks reputation, etc. by sending SPAM emails.

The customer/sender is liable to take up the responsibility of the emails he sends through our system. Incase of any complaints, respective customer will be directly engaged and he should be undergoing any processes/law suits related to it, but NOT the company – MailFed or Veaversvand Tech. MailFed reserves the right to take any necessary action against the users who’re found spamming through our networks. We may suspend/terminate user accounts or proceed with IT Act 2000 of India (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_Technology_Act,_2000) with or without prior notification based on the severity of impact in such cases.

(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAN-SPAM_Act_of_2003), which can be simplified as :

  • Do not forge the headers to mislead the users
  • Do not use misleading subject lines
  • Label the email as advertisement
  • Include your physical address in your emails
  • Include the information on how to opt-out of the newsletters in your emails. You should not make the process difficult or charge the customers for this.
  • Remove the users promptly from your list if/when you receive the unsubscribe request.
  • Watch the emails that are sent on your behalf.

Prohibited content and list of businesses –

Mailfed **must not be** used to send emails related to the following contents or categories

1. Promotional emails for any illegal products
2. Pornography / Sexually explicit content
3. Emails that vio;ate CAN-SPAM laws
4. dating services
5. Affiliate marketing
6. Multi level marketing
7. Gambling
8. Work from home/ make money from home, online trade campaigns
9. Anything illegal in the target countries
10. Selling likes, followers, comments or whatever benefits for any social media platform.
11. Pharmaceutical or nutritional products
12. Real estate
13. Adult entertainment contents or promotion
14. Sending of copyrighted content without the will of the owner
15. Sending on behalf of a person or business without their will

Prohibited actions –

1. Sending SPAM.
2. Using rented or purchased lists to to send campaigns.
3. Masquerading a business or person.
4. Keeping any inappropriate content on Mailfed or on its file manager.
5. Anything illegal to the state/country law.

While using Mailfed, you’re accepting to the above terms and conditions.
MailFed reserves the right to update this page with or without any notifications any time.

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