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Email body, Subject and From Email rotation

Spam filters at the ISPs are very intelligent in identifying the emails they receive as “unsolicited” aka SPAM. They use a common technique that to compare the email body data received for different recipients to see if that’s a broadcast message – if yes, there will be no difference at all or very minimal difference between the emails.

So, to increase deliverability by bypassing some of the spam checks, we need to keep maximum level of discrepancy possible in contents between the emails we send to users. One simple way is to address the users by their name, like  – Hi [FNAME] , Dear [FNAME] etc. Like that, insert any user specific data available to the email body by using dynamic tags to make the emails look unique for each user.

Apart from that, MailFed offers a unique yet effective method to give an extend of uniqueness to the emails sent through the system. You can use the below dynamic tag to acheive this –


Here, a,b and c are different contents/texts within the same scope.  Only one of them will be used in one email, the next email will have the next text picked up in a Round-Robin manner from within the defined tag.

Example –

Suppose if we have a list with 3 emails – user1@domain.com, user2@domain.com and user3@domain.com

And the email content is –

Toyota Prius is a [RANDOM_CONTENT:car|sedan|vehicle].

Now, user1@domain.com will receive email with content – “Toyota prius is a car”, user2@domain.com will receive “Toyota Prius is a sedan” and the third one – “Toyota Prius is a vehicle”.

Like this, create as many dynamic tags as possible within your emails. Result is assured !

[RANDOM_CONTENT] and custom tags can be used in “Subject” field of any campaigns to add content dynamically.

It’s possible to use dynamic tags on the From Email field, only requirement is that the dynamic tag should compile to a valid email address. For example if you create a global custom tag [DOMAIN] = customer.com and you input [FNAME]@[DOMAIN] in From Email field, it will replace From Email on each email with dynamic value combinations. Keep in mind that use only your verified sending domains here.


Keep in mind that the From address you create here must based on a verified sending domain.

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