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About us

MailFed features an authentic mail delivery service, eliminating the squander of time and   money. Dismantle your worries of email marketing and let the next big thing board your   head. Our cloud based service has a rich delivery rate that you can rely upon. Our aid is   not limited to mere forwarding of mails; there is a dedicated team working to deliver   detailed analytics.  We provide our customers an opportunity to get an aerial view over their email structure;   pre crafted automated replies, target audience, and contact list.

Our comprehensive   statistical data analysis is a perfect way to develop your future marketing strategies.  From individuals to Multinational Corporations, MailFed’s email marketing tools ensure   customer engagement at the desired levels. You get to choose from myriads of email   templates to ultra-precise reports and sophisticated features, which make you, stand out in   all dimensions.  Our team of bright and talented problem – solvers, adds to our assets in accomplishing the   mission of crafting excellence with passion.

With exemplary technical knowledge and an   impeccable urge in meeting customer satisfaction, we assure the quality in experience you   will enjoy with MailFed. In an arena, where technology gallops relentlessly, our competent   team value adaptability in hand with diligence.  When you join hands with MailFed, you choose an experience which fosters your business   dimensions and vibrancy beyond expectations. You choose our persistent commitment   and adherence to customer satisfaction over the product.

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