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Date based campaigns and auto Birthday/Anniversary emails

It’s interesting as well as pleasing thing to send Birthday/Anniversary wishes. MailFed allows its users to configure auto responders to do this job efficiently with least effort. Different uses cases for this feature can ve –

1. Send automatic Birthday/Anniversary wishes
2. Send automatic appreciation to customers for completing X number of years with you
3. Send automatic warranty/service expiry notifications

and much more !

We will dicuss on how to configure a Birthday/Anniversary based campaign here :

Requirement :

You should have the required date (Birthday/Anniversary/Service signup or any) as a field in the list you want to send autoresponders for. See the below screenshot for example :

Now you are all good to configure the auto responder !

1. Create a segment with a condition where field as the birthday field in list, operator as “is” and value as “[BIRTHDAY]”

2. Start a new campaign. Select the list and the newly created segment.

3. Schedule it as a DAILY recurring campaign.

Yay, done ! Now MailFed will take care of the automatic digital wishes for you to make you and your customers happy 🙂

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