Q1. How much time will it take to provision my account ?

Ans : Free and shared accounts should be instantly activated once the payment is made. For the dedicated accounts, you will be instantly activated and will be able to send out campaigns, but it may take an hour or so to get a dedicated IP assigned to you. Also it depends on the number of smtp servers/IPs you opt for.

Q2. Do we need to enter credit card details for free account ?

Ans: No. There is a forever free account that you can use without tagging a credit card.

Q3. Is it possible to upgrade the packages on the go ?

Ans : Yes

Q4. What are the upcoming features ?

Ans: We are working to incorporate multiple spam analyser tools and 70+ email preview simulators soon. We hope to complete it in 2 months and it will be absolutely free of charge. And there’s a few more in pipeline.

Q5. Will we get any promotional offers ?

Ans: Yes. We do distribute promotional coupons at random, mostly on festive seasons or as signup offers.

Q6. Is it possible to use my own domain as sending and signing (dkim) domains ?

Ans: Yes.

Q7. Is there any customer contracts or service agreements ?

Ans : No. You can deactivate the account at anytime. All your data including subscriber lists and campaigns will be deleted after 60 days of inactivity (means if not renewed). That said, we do have strict policies in place when you’re using our system. Please take a look here.

Q8. Do you offer recurring billing so that I don’t need to type my credit card details every time I renew the packages ?

Ans : Currently no. This is because the RBI (reserve Bank of India) norms wont allow any company registered in India to debit money from customers account without their action.
We’re now in the process of incorporating company in the U.S. Once that is done, recurring subscriptions will be in place.

Q9. Do you offer offline payments ?

Ans: Yes. You can bank transfer the amount to us. Before that, you can make an offline order through the customer dashboard. Do contact us once the transfer is done so that we can activate your account.

Q10. Do you have working feed back loop (FBL) processors in place to reduce user complaints ?

Ans: Yes. We sign up at almost all the major ISPs to get the fbl data and unsubscribe the problem making subscribers on an ongoing basis.

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