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Getting Started – Send emails

It’s easy to send your promotional campaigns via Mailfed. All you need to do is, follow the easy and simple steps below –

1. Configure domains

You need to add/configure a sending and tracking domain at Mailfed before start sending your emails. If you don’t have a domain yet, register one at : https://domains.google or at any of your favorite domain registrars.

Detailed documentation on how to add sending and tracking domains is available here : https://docs.mailfed.com/docs/v1/campaigns/sending-and-tracking-domains/

2. Upload contacts

There are two main steps –

  • Create a contact list : Go to Dashboard > Lists > Lists. Click on Create new. Fill out the details and Save changes.
  • Upload contacts : Go to Dashboard > Lists > Lists, click on list name, go to Tools > import. There you will have multiple options to upload contacts
    • CSV – If you have an excel file with user details and email, convert it to a csv file following this document. See export as csv section. You can download a sample file from the next window (click on CSV option).
    • Text – If you have a list of emails, create a notepad document with one email per line and upload. You can download a sample file from the next window (click on Text option).
    • MySQL – If you want to migrate user data from an existing application with MySQL db to Mailfed, you can use this option. Take a note of the fields, fill the form and run the import.

After the import, it will show errors if any and rest of the contacts will be uploaded. You can go back to Dashboard > Lists > Lists > (list name) > Subscribers and check if all the subscribers are properly uploaded with correct field value mapping.

3. Create Template

Go to Dashboard > Email templates > Templates. You have two options here

  • Upload template : If you have an already designed template available, use this option. Make sure that the template file is in zip format. You can download an example archive from the upload window itself. See here for HTML email design best practices.
  • Create new : Here, you can easily design a responsive template using our advanced drag & drop content builder (Click on the green button written with “Open the email builder“). If you have HTML code of an already designed template, you can copy paste it to the canvas, after switching it to the HTML mode by clicking on Source button located on the top left corner of the canvas. You can also code a template live using the editor.

4. Send campaign

Go to Dashboard > Campaigns > Campaigns > Create new.

We have five main steps here. All the fields are self explanatory.

  • Details : Give your campaign a name. Pick correct list and segment (if any). To read more about segments, see this article.
  • Setup : Fill in the details as required. Keep in mind that the from email should be the one associated with your already configured sending domain (See step #1). Enable click and open tracking as required. You can also choose to send to a random number of contacts in the list/segment by configuring values for Max. subscribers and Randomize subscribers. Please note that you cannot resume sending to the remaining subscribers in a list if you choose to send the campaign to only a specific number of subscribers.
  • Template : Click on Change/select template and choose the template we created in step #3. You can fetch email friendly contents from a web url as well to create a template by clicking on the button Import html from url. You also get to integrate UTM tags like Google Analytics for tracking purposes. There’s an option for randomizing content as well.
  • Confirmation : Verify everything, set a time if you want to schedule it for later or simply click Send campaign to start sending immediately. You can also set it to send recurrently by ticking the Advanced recurring option and selecting a convenient time interval.
  • Done : Done ! Your campaign has been scheduled !

5. Analyse

Once the campaign is out, you can track its real time statistics by going to  Dashboard > Campaigns > Campaigns > (Campaign Name). You can share the statistics with your acquaintances by following this guide.


That’s it !

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