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Attaching files to emails

We allowed our customers to attach files to their emails directly in the past, but seeing a lot of reputation and performance issues, we had to back out from that plan. Recipient ISPs are obviously not happy with sending a huge volume of data to their servers in the form of attachments. Think about sending an 1 MB file to 100K subscribers, it will turn to 100GBs of data being pushed to the receiving servers. That creates reputation issues at the ISPs. Also, that’s an unnecessary load to the servers and incurs more bandwidth usage.

So, the best option is to host the file somewhere and put a link on your email to that file to get it downloaded. Either you can host it on your server/any online stores or directly on Mailfed itself. See the below steps to know how to host and link it in Mailfed –

Step 1 :

While you’re at the campaign design page, write something like “download here”, select the text and click on the “Link” button

Step 2 :

Now click on “Browse Server” to access the file manager.



Step 3 :  

Now click on the floppy sign to upload file.



Step 4 : 

Now a window will be opened and navigate to the file you want to upload. Then click OK and upload it to the server.

Step 5 :

Now double click that file to select it. And click OK on the next dialogue box.



Step 6 :

Now the text you selected will turn to a link. Once the recepients click on this link, the file will be downloaded. As this is a link, you can track the downloads through campaign overview as well.



NOTE : Please do not use this as a file store. Do not keep copyrighted or illegal contents violating Mailfed’s terms of use. Also, please note that only files with limited extensions are allowed to keep on the server.

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